Word of Mouth:
Rediscover the power of words

Rediscover the power of words when 4 spoken word artists, 3 comedians and 4 storytellers unite for one memorable night at the Roxy.

Friday November 8th from 7:30-9:30pm

Rediscover the power of words when 4 spoken word artists, 3 comedians and 4 storytellers unite for one memorable night at the Roxy.

Experience the ability of words to move you through the mediums of spoken word poetry, comedy, and story as Missoula’s own inspire us to laugh, reflect and re-imagine the world in which we live.

These skilled practitioners in the art of word-crafting, invite you to join them for an evening celebrating the power of live performance through Word of Mouth.



Marc Moss

Marc Moss is the director of Tell Us Something & lives with his wife Joyce & their kitten Ziggy on Missoula’s Northside. Photo by Pamela Dunn-Parish.

Sarah Aswell

Sarah Aswell is a writer and stand-up comedian who lives in Missoula. Her work has appeared in places like The New Yorker, Forbes, USA Today, Vulture, National Lampoon, and MAD Magazine. She’s voted Best Writer in Missoula in 2018 and Best Comedian in Missoula in 2019 — and is an alum of the Big Sky Comedy Festival and HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival.


Gabriowl is a throat singer and spoken word artist, Montana born and bred. After writing his first poem in high school in the margins of an auto-mechanics notebook, he has been hooked on the pen and its fountain of muses ever since. Language is alchemy, and syllable wizardry is his specialty. His pieces and performances are a dose of something different, so check it out when you can. Owl the best!

Jeff Ducklow

People often ask me what brought me to Montana and I always tell them the truth: a Kawasaki 700 LTD shaft drive. Indeed, my life has moved from adventure to adventure: college in Calfornia, seminary in New Jersey, and a plentitude of jobs unrelated to my educational investment until finally settling into work as both a massage therapist and adventure guide. Along the way I’ve discovered a passion for telling the stories of my journey which I’ve seen elicit laughter or tears and sometimes both.

Jeremy N. Smith

Journalist and writer Jeremy N. Smith is the author of three acclaimed non-fiction books, most recently, “Breaking and Entering,” the extraordinary true story of a female hacker called “Alien” and the birth of our age of information insecurity. A graduate of Harvard College and the University of Montana, he has written for the New York Times, the Atlantic, and Discover, among other outlets, and he and his work have been featured by CNN, NPR News, The Today Show, and Wired. He lives with his family in Missoula, Montana and co-organizes both a Jewish Sunday School program and writing classes at the Missoula County Detention Facility. Usually, he can tell them apart.

Lynn Solomon

Lynn Solomon first stepped onstage nearly 40 years ago when she played a well-fed orphan in a community theater production of Oliver. She’s been active in Missoula’s standup comedy scene for a little under a year, and Missoula audiences may also recognize her from her deep, sensitive performances in commercials for a casino, a credit union and a Subaru dealership. Lynn was a sportswriter at papers around the Northwest for more than 10 years and she’s also done public information, communications and media relations for state and local government, nonprofits and others. She was once a singing telegram girl.

Marc Beaudin

Marc Beaudin is a poet and theatre artist from Livingston, Montana, dubbed “America’s finest open-air asylum” for multiple reasons. His work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies including High Desert Journal, Whitefish Review, Badlands Literary Journal, Poems Across the Big Sky Volume II, Unearthing Paradise: Montana Writers in Defense of Greater Yellowstone, and Awake in the World Volume 2, and is forthcoming in Undeniable: Writers Respond to Carbon Change and Take a Stand: Art Against Hate. His latest book, Vagabond Song: Neo-Haibun from the Peregrine Journals, was called “a jazzy, freewheeling, rollicking road trip into the beating heart of the Eternal Now” by Montana Quarterly. A frequent performer of poetry and spoken word, Beaudin has worked and recorded with a variety of jazz and rock musicians including Billy Conway (Morphine), Bill Payne (Little Feat) and the Northwoods Improvisers. He believes the Brahms’ Violin Concerto in D is more powerful than all the guns, smokestacks and coal trains in the world.

Heidi J

Heidi J. is a multimedia performance artist. She seeks truth through the liberation of creative expression and the fire of personal inquiry. Her drag name is El Gringo Cuddlz N Spanx. All productions and performances of original work are created to reveal individual, cultural and environmental issues, to entertain and to bring people together. Her degrees are in Physics and Dance. She spent several years In South America working with La Caravana ArcoIris por La Paz and a variety of Latin American organizations. She initiated the Open Field Artists (OFA) — a collaborative multi-media performance art group which was based in Missoula, MT. She is trained and practiced in singing, music, dance and the movement arts, theatre, improvisation, comedy, yoga, massage therapy, permaculture, community living, gardening, homesteading and ecosystem science.
She perceives that by coming into our own power and changing ourselves, together we can co-create a better system than the one that currently dominates Planet Earth.
Free System – Sistema Libre.

Nicole Dunn

By day, Nicole Dunn aspires and practices to be a kind, engaged, and skillful human amid her varied endeavors of writing, blogging, helping to direct the Open Way Mindfulness Center, volunteering for hospice, and working as a part-time nanny, among other things, such as writing for the Montana Woman magazine with a column called Mindfulness Matters.. By night, she’s asleep.

Her debut spoken word album Bird on a Wire was released in 2018 and she won first place in the 2017 Montana Book Festival poetry slam. To listen to Bird on a Wire or for more info: InMindfulMotion.com

Kyle McAfee

Kyle McAfee is a comedian, rapper, illustrator, teacher, bookseller and father who has lived in missoula for 28 years. He’s been a finalist in the Missoula Homegrown Comedy Competition twice- this year taking third place overall. He’s performed in Whitefish, Hamilton, Helena and Bozeman as well as many different Missoula venues for the past 4 and 1/2 years.

Brian West

Brian West is a poet, musician, dancer and contrarian who has lived his whole life in the Rocky Mountains. In 2014 he was banned from the University of Montana as a result of an art project on controversy and paranoia. He tried to explain the concept of irony to the university administration but they saw fit to kick him out of classes and ban him from campus for one year anyway (The project did however receive an A+ grade). More recently he has been spending his time performing and touring with his experimental/spoken word band and writing poems intended to induce blushes without using any dirty words. He enjoys fresh baked bread, long walks on the beach, and pointing out that the only struggle that matters is the struggle of rich against poor and that all efforts to divide people on the basis of race, gender, religion, etc are the results of the rich and powerful manipulating the underclasses to delay their inevitable insurrection. His poetry has been rejected by such prestigious institutions as Harper’s and The New Yorker

Josh Farmer